About the Topical Group on Few-Body Systems & Multiparticle Dynamics

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Our Mission

To advocate, promote, and advance research on few-body systems.

Who We Are

The APS Topical Group on Few-Body Systems and Multiparticle Dynamics was formed in January, 1985. We are an umbrella organization of atomic, molecular, nuclear, particle, and mathematical physicists, as well as quantum chemists, who are interested in the dynamics of “simple” systems. Such systems have relatively few degrees of freedom at some energy scale, and their study provides significant information about the dynamics of systems in a given area of physics, as well as identifies features common to systems in a variety of different sub-disciplines. Because we are an interdisciplinary group, many of our sessions at APS meetings are held jointly with other Groups and Divisions and feature specific “themes” from different fields.

What We Do

  • Offer travel grants for students and postdoctoral researchers who are presenting their work at the APS April and DAMOP meetings.
  • Organize and sponsor workshops and conferences (or portions thereof), and work to ensure representation of few-body topics at relevant workshops and conferences.
  • Nominate APS Fellows whose accomplishments are centered around few-body topics.
  • Communicate with and inform GFB members through regular emails and an annual newsletter.

How to Join

To join any topical group, American Physical Society (APS) membership is required. All physicists who are APS members and who have an interest in few-body problems are encouraged to sign up for the Topical Group. Those who are not members are encouraged to join APS.