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Nominations for the 2021 Faddeev Medal

By Harald W Griesshammer posted 10-27-2020 17:40


Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2021 "Faddeev Medal" Prize. We are seeking nominations of scientists who have advanced the field of few-body physics significantly, either through ground-breaking research or due to crucial progress achieved over the course of their career.

The Faddeev medal was inaugurated in 2016 by the Topical Group on Few-Body Systems & Multiparticle Dynamics (GFB) of the American Physical Society and the European Research Committee on Few-Body Problems in Physics (ERCFBP) to recognize distinguished achievements in few-body physics. It is named in honor of distinguished scientist Ludwig D. Faddeev (1934-2017). It was awarded for the first time in 2018 to Vitaly Efimov and Rudi Grimm for “/the theoretical discovery of a series of weakly-bound three-body quantum states known as Efimov states/” and “/in recognition of his ground-breaking experiments confirming the Efimov effect/”, respectively.

The nomination deadline for the 2021 “Faddeev Medal” is April 15, 2021.

Please send the nomination packet as a single pdf file to Doerte Blume. Alternatively, send your suggestion for a potential nominator to the same email address by January 15, 2021. The selection committee especially encourages nominations of women and members of underrepresented minority groups.

The nomination packet should include:

  1. A nominating statement;
  2. The statement of support for the nomination by the co-nominator;
  3. A suggested citation of up to 100 words;
  4. A CV of the candidate; and
  5. Up to two additional support letters.
The prize consists of a medal and an invited talk at the 23rd International Few-body Conference to be given during the award ceremony.


Doerte Blume, University of Oklahoma, Chair of the Selection Committee
Arnoldas Deltuva, Vilnius University, Member of the Selection Committee
Rudi Grimm, University of Innsbruck, Member of the Selection Committee
Gastao Krein, Universidade Estadual Paulista Sao Paulo, Member of the Selection Committee
Kimiko Sekiguchi, Tohoku University, Member of the Selection Committee