FGSA Travel Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

The FGSA is committed to increasing the participation of graduate students and other young researchers in scientific conferences and workshops, and has funds available to help cover the cost of travel to such scholarly meetings.

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FGSA Sessions at APS April Meeting 2015

FGSA Sessions at APS March Meeting 2015


FGSA Sessions at APS April Meeting 2014

FGSA Sessions at APS March Meeting 2014


World year of Physics 2005
Profiles of physics graduate study in countries around the world.

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FGSA Sessions at 2005 APS Meetings

Member Survey on Graduate Physics Education: Survey Report 


FORWARD to Professorship Workshop, May 19 - 24 2004
"FORWARD to Professorship" is a workshop for female and minority grad students, post-docs, and young professors in the sciences, engineering, or mathematics who are interested in learning tips and strategies for successfully navigating the tenure track. This workshop will be held May 19 to 24, 2004, in Washington, D.C. There is travel funding available from the NSF and the workshop is free.

APS April Meeting 2004, May 1-4, 2004, Denver, CO
Student Reception:

Graduate Women in Science Career Development Workshop, April 2nd 2004
NSF and the Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) organization is sponsoring a career development workshop for women students and postdocs. It will take place on Friday, April 2 in Room 1235 at NSF. The event is a professional development opportunity for young women in science and engineering at the threshold of their careers from the Washington DC metropolitan area universities and colleges. Refreshments will be provided. The participants will get an opportunity to meet several role models and participate in panel discussions on finding a good mentor and networking.

APS March Meeting 2004, March 22-26, 2004, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Student Reception:

January 2004
Officers participated in APS lobbying day and Unit Convocation / Executive Board meeting


CAM 2003: First Graduate Student Conference
Co-organized with the Canadian Association of Physicists and the Mexican Physical Society the first Canadian-American-Mexican (CAM) graduate student conference

APS April Meeting 2003, April 5-8, 2003, Philadelphia, PA: April 2003 Meeting Report 

APS March Meeting, March 3-7, 2003, Austin, TX: March 2003 Meeting Report

DAP Student Travel Grant Opportunities for April 2003 meeting
The Division of Astrophysics encourages student participation in DAP sessions at the April APS Meeting by awarding approximately ten to fifteen travel grants to student presenters. Any student who is a DAP member by the time of the meeting, and is first author and presenter of a poster or an oral contribution in a DAP-sponsored session is eligible to be considered for a travel grant award.


APS April Meeting, April 20-23, 2002, Albuquerque, NM: FGSA Physics Quiz winners in APS News

APS March Meeting, March 17-22, 2002, Indianapolis, IN

APS Unit Convocation and Congressional Visits, Jan 28-Feb 1, 2002