About the Forum on Graduate Student Affairs

The Forum on Graduate Student Affairs (FGSA) was established in 2001 to expand graduate students’ involvement in the APS and in the scientific community at large. FGSA enhances the ability of APS to meet the needs of graduate students. FGSA offers support services and encourages participation in activities and decision-making in the physics community. 

Forum on Graduate Students


The APS Forum on Graduate Student Affairs encourages a free exchange of ideas among graduate students and the greater scientific community by providing opportunities for meetings, electronic discussion, and access to a permanent archive of member ideas and programs.

Executive Committee

Get Involved in FGSA

There are numerous ways for FGSA members to become involved in the Forum's activities.

  • Join an FGSA committee (see the FGSA bylaws for descriptions of committee responsibilities):
    • Programming Committee
    • Nominating Committee
    • International Student Affairs Committee
    • FGSA Committee for Minorities and Women in Physics
  • Contribute to the FGSA newsletter.
  • Volunteer to help plan or assist with an FGSA activity at an APS meeting.

Member ideas are always welcome, contact the FGSA Chair or Secretary for more information.