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FGSA Call for Nominations, Terms Starting 2024

By Ericka Donielle Stansbury posted 11-16-2023 18:54


The APS's Forum on Graduate Student Affairs (FGSA) is calling for nominations for new members of the Executive Board! The executive board is an active group of physicists from around the world that seeks to advocate for graduate students and be involved in the greater physics community. Holding an office in FGSA, a nation-wide group, is a great way to meet students and senior scientists around the country, make professional connections within the APS, and develop your leadership skills. 


The open positions are: Chair-Elect (3 year term), Councilor (4 year term), Treasurer (2 year term), International Student Affairs Officer (2 year term) and 2 Members-at-Large (2 year term). Information on the positions is available in the positions descriptions document, or check out our website to get first-hand information from our current executive committee members.


Your nomination should include (1) a brief biography and (2) a candidate statement, both no longer than 2,000 characters. All nominations must be received by midnight on Saturday, November 24, 2023.


We encourage you to nominate yourself or someone you know for a position with the Forum on Graduate Student Affairs. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with others interested in graduate student affairs, gain valuable experience interacting with both scientists and non-scientists to promote physics and science literacy, and give a voice to graduate student concerns and issues.


Please remember, attracting and serving a diverse and inclusive membership worldwide is a primary goal for APS. In calling for nominations, we wish to remind you how important it is to give full consideration to women, members of underrepresented minority groups, and scientists from outside the United States.


If you wish to nominate someone, or yourself, or if you have any questions about the time commitment, responsibilities, or nomination process, please feel free to contact the Chair of the FGSA Nominating Committee, Sachin Bharadwaj at



Jacqueline Acres

APS FGSA Secretary

On behalf of the APS FGSA nominating committee