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Upcoming opening for FECS officers

By Adam Iaizzi posted 08-06-2023 17:01


In the coming weeks FECS will be putting out a call for nominations for positions on our executive board. Stay tune for that announcement. 

Our goal is for our executive committee to be diverse and include a lot of early career scientists. This is a great opportunity for your first experience volunteering with APS. Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged.

Depending on the position, one should expect to spend an average of 5 to 10 hours per month in performance of their duties. We have virtual meetings every six weeks and typically one in-person meeting every year. For the upcoming elections, five positions are open: Chair-Elect, Treasurer, International Affairs Officer, and Members-At-Large (x2). Below is a brief summary of the positions, along with a few words from current position holders. More detailed explanations and rules regarding FECS governance are provided on the APS FECS Engage.

Open positions

Chair Elect

The Chair-Elect is selected for a one-year term, followed by a one-year term as Chair, and a final year as Past Chair on the Executive Committee. The Chair-Elect covers the duties of the Chair whenever the Chair is unable to perform.

From Wennie Wang, Chair:

It has been a privilege serving in the FECS chair line. I have been able to work with and meet so many amazing early career scientists on the executive committee and in the FECS community; it makes me immensely optimistic for the future of physics. I look forward to serving the community in the final stages of the chair line. 

From Yuan Zhang, Chair Elect:

I have been a member of American Physical Society (APS) since 2009 and have benefited as an APS member in getting support and mentorship in my student and postdoc period. Being one of the APS unit leaders allows me the opportunity to serve back the physical community and to help more early career scientists. We meet and discuss topics around global challenges, policy, ethics of emerging technologies, and engaging the public. We pay visits to Capitol Hill to advocate on behalf of the physics community and to influence policymakers. We also provide mentor and financial support for early career scientists in post covid period, as well as involving more minorities in community activities. This service experience offers me a sense of rewarding since we are devoting efforts in shaping the physics community's future, together with all our peers.


The Treasurer is responsible for all funds regarding the FECS, keeping financial records, and sharing financial reports and annual budgets during Executive Committee meetings. The Treasurer position is elected for a term of two years.

International Affairs Officer

The International Affairs Officer is responsible for developing activities that promote early career scientists globally. The Officer works in consultation with the APS Director of International Affairs on these activities. The Officer is elected by the membership for a term of three years.

From Mehmet Dogan:

As the International Affairs Officers for FECS, I've had the honor to promote international scholars and collaboration in science. Working closely with my colleagues in the FECS Executive Committee, as well as others in APS and other scientific organizations, has been a greatly inspiring experience. In addition to my specific duties, I've served on prize committees, organized sessions at the March Meeting, and helped make FECS events and programs a success, which has helped me grow as a professional. 

Member-at-Large (two positions available)

There are four Members-At-Large positions on the FECS Executive Committee. Although there are no fixed duties or responsibilities for Members-At-Large, position holders usually help the Executive Committee depending on the association's needs. The position is elected for a term of two years.

From Mariana Fazio, Member-at-Large:

I really liked contributing to the wellbeing of early career academics and trying to find ways to support them. The role doesn’t require a lot of time dedication and you can implement your own projects and ideas. I especially enjoyed representing FECS at the March Meeting and getting to know our members and hearing their needs and wants.

Have questions?

As past chair, Adam Iaizzi is responsible for organizing this year's elections. Feel free to reach out to him through Engage or directly by email ([last name] [at] If you have questions about specific positions, feel free to reach out to any of the current officers to ask them




08-19-2023 14:21

Hi Adam, can master students apply?

08-13-2023 21:00

@Raju Prasad Ghimire Not yet. There will be a new update posted when the nominations are live and a new post to the FECS group. 

08-13-2023 17:46

How do we submit the nominations? Is it still not open?