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Congratulations to Dr. Alex Frano, winner of the 2022 FECS Diversity & Inclusion Award!

By Adam A Iaizzi posted 02-23-2022 16:18

Image of Alex Frano

Dear FECS community,

Congratulations to Dr. Alex Frano, the winner of the FECS Diversity & Inclusion Award! Dr. Frano is on faculty at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), and he has dedicated passionate efforts to increase diversity in his department and across physics as a discipline. As a Latino scientist with a tumultuous background full of obstacles, he uses his story as inspiration to students who come from severely underprivileged backgrounds. His many efforts to help these students span mentorship, support and guidance structures, outreach activities and international collaborations. He is a participant and leader in many mentorship programs for many organizations and is creating a counseling program at UCSD aimed at supporting undergraduate students of underrepresented ethnic/gender groups.

Please join me us congratulating Dr. Frano, and let us all aim to make our community a better place.