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Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Symposium

Pierre-Gilles de GennesSimple Views on Polymer Physics

Session 1. Polymers in Bulk (T. Witten, Chair )

  1. P. Pincus: How Polymers Physics was Born
  2. R. Colby: Polyelectrolyte Solutions (abstract | talk)
  3. L. Leibler: Copolymers 
  4. M. Daoud: Percolation & Gelation (abstract & extendedtalk)
  5. M. Warner: Liquid Crystal Polymers and Networks

Session 2. Polymer Dynamics (A. Grosberg, Chair)

  1. J. Higgins: Quasi-Elastic Scattering Theory and Experiment Hand in Hand (abstract & extendedtalk)
  2. E. Shaqfeh: The Coil-Stretch Transition after More than 30 Years (abstracttalk)
  3. W. Graessley: Dynamics of Polymer Solutions (abstracttalk)
  4. M. Rubinstein: Dynamics of Entangled Polymers (abstracttalk)
  5. J. Klein: Interdiffusion and disentanglement of polymer brushes (abstracttalk)

Session 3. Polymers at Surfaces and Interfaces (E. Raphael, Chair)

  1. J. Joanny: Adsorption (abstracttalk)
  2. E. Zhulina: Polymer Brushes (abstracttalk)
  3. H. Brown: Adhesion (abstracttalk)
  4. L. Leger: Slippage (abstracttalk)
  5. F. Brochard: Polymers in Confined Geometry (abstracttalk)