Prizes & Awards

Student and Postdoc Poster Awards

Winners of this year’s DPOLY poster session at the 2023 March Meeting are:

Callie Zheng 1st Place DPOLY Poster Award Winner

1st Place DPOLY Poster Award

Callie Zheng, Princeton University

1st Runner Up DPOLY Poster Award Winner Hyunki Yeo

1st Runner Up DPOLY Poster Award

Hyunki Yeo, Purdue University

2nd Runner Up DPOLY Poster Awardee Alana Gudinas

2nd Runner Up DPOLY Poster Award

Alana Gudinas, Stanford University

First Place
Effects of Small Molecule Additives on Liquid Crystal Elastomer Network Phase Behavior” - Callie Zheng (Princeton University), Advisor: Emily C. Davidson

1st Runner Up
“Magnetic and Electronic Properties of a Dendritic 3-armsed Nonconjugated Open-Shell Macromolecules” - Hyunki Yeo (Purdue University), Advisor: Professor Bryan W. Boudouris

2nd Runner Up

“Enyme-mediated Polyprotein Conjugation for Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy” - Alan Gudinas (Stanford University), Advisor: Danielle J. Mai


We are very grateful to the Journal of Polymer Science for sponsoring the book awards for our three winners.

Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to all who presented their work.

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