Program Committee

Current Members

Chair: Bryan Boudouris
Members: Lisa Hall (2025), Rafael Verduzco (2026), Charles Schroeder, Ryan Hayward, Rachel Segalman, Moon Park, Vivek Prabhu


The DPOLY Program Committee is responsible for organizing the DPOLY sessions at the upcoming March APS meeting. The DPOLY Program Committee consists of the Current DPOLY Chair Chair-Elect, Vice-Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, and four DPOLY members appointed by the Chair, upon recommendation of the Executive Committee, to staggered four-year terms. That appointed member in his or her fourth year of service on the Committee shall serve as Chair of the Program Committee and is the main organizer of the DPOLY session for the upcoming March APS meeting; the remaining members are the future DPOLY session organizers. This activity includes the scheduling of contributed papers within the areas of interest of the Division, as well as the arranging, in cooperation with the Executive Officer or his or her designate, of symposia and sessions of invited papers sponsored by the Division for a meeting. For meetings of the Division, including the Regular Meeting, the Program Committee shall be responsible for the solicitation and selection of invited and review papers and for the arrangement of the programs of such meetings.

  • First APS program committee meeting is during the March Meeting.
  • Sorting categories and list of focused sessions is due in the beginning of July.
  • List of invited speakers is due on October 1.
  • APS Sorters Meeting is in December.
  • The program is completed and posted in January.