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DPF Ethics Advisory Committee

By Young-Kee Kim posted 12-31-2020 17:22


The DPF Ethics Advisory Committee has been established in November 2020. The Committee shall consist of nine members appointed by the DPF Chair in consultation with the DPF Executive Committee, following a call for nominations. These members shall represent a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds across the DPF membership who are committed to creating a safe professional community in which to collaborate. At least two members of the Committee shall be early career members of the DPF, and the Committee shall include one graduate student. The Ethics Advisory Committee will appoint a Chair among its serving members. The term of all appointees shall be two years. Terms are renewable, but an individual should not serve more than four consecutive years.

Inaugural members are (November 2020 - October 2022):

  • Kétévi Assamagan
  • Bill Barletta
  • Melissa Franklin
  • Maria Elena Monzani
  • Pavel Fileviez Perez
  • Amber Roepe (early career: graduate student)
  • Pekka Sinervo
  • Ruth Van de Water
  • Jeremy Wolcott (early career: postdoc)

(Names in bold are the team, responsible for responding to reports regarding violations of the CP&CG)

Responsibilities include:

  • Participate in training and self-educate in anti-harassment and anti-racist practices.
  • Identify and make available educational materials as needed to support ethical best practices involving physicists at educational institutions, and in governmental and industrial research laboratories.
  • Propose and oversee the development and implementation of ethics policies for the DPF.
  • Regularly review, and when necessary modify, the DPF Core Principles and Community Guidelines (CP&CG) for consistency with current standards and practices, or in response to current events and community feedback.
  • Resolve complaints of CP&CG violations as outlined in the CP&CG accountability document.
  • Refer issues to the APS Ethics Committee when appropriate.