DGRAV Seminar Series

Recent and Upcoming Seminars:

1st Thursday of each month, 3pm Eastern Time.

Date: Speaker: Title:

October 6, 2022

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Prof. Emanuele Berti (Johns Hopkins U) and Dr. Kaze Wong (Flatiron Institute)

“Building new tools for gravitational wave astronomy”

November 3, 2022

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Prof. Asimina Arvanitaki (Perimeter Institute) and Prof. Masha Baryakhtar (U. Washington) "Searching for Ultralight Particles with Black Hole Superradiance"
December 1, 2022

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Prof. Bob Wald (U. of Chicago) and Dr. Gautam Satishchandran (Princeton U.) “Black Holes are Watching You”

Feb. 2, 2023


Prof. Saul Teukolsky (Caltech & Cornell University) and Mr. Keefe Mitman (Caltech)

“Nonlinearities in Black Hole Ringdowns"

March 2, 2023


Prof. Stephen Taylor (Vanderbilt U.) and Dr. Nihan Pol (Vanderbilt U.)


April 6, 2023


Prof. Salvatore Vitale (MIT) and Ms. Sylvia Biscoveanu (MIT)