Nominating Committee

2019-2020: Henriette Elvang (Chair), Lisa Barsotti, Thomas Baumgarte, Daniel Holz, and Belinda Cheeseboro
2018-2019: Lisa Barsotti (Chair), Beverly Berger, Katerina Chatziloannou, Cody Messick, Frans Pretorius
2017-2018: Kelly Holley-Bockelmann (Chair), Megan Jones
2016-2017: Duncan Brown (Chair), Thomas Baumgarte, Manuela Campanelli, Jim Isenberg, Jess McIver
2015-2016: Steve Drasco (Chair), Sarah Gossan, Maura McLaughlin, Stephan Schlamminger, Michele Vallisneri
2014-2015: Tiffany Summerscales (Chair), Kim Boddy, Matt Duez, Parampreet Singh, Wolfgang Tichy
2013-2014: Deirdre Shoemaker (Chair), Kim Boddy, Steve Detweiler, Larry Ford, Mike Landry
2012-2013: Laura Cadonati (Chair), Jenne Driggers, Steve Liebling, Christian Ott, Eric Poisson
2011-2012: Michael Landry (Chair), Emanuele Berti, Ted Jacobson, Amber L. Stuver
2010-2011: Luis Lehner (Chair), Don Marolf, Joe Giame, Simonetta Frittelli
2009-2010: Frans Pretorius (Chair), Norna Roberston, Martin Bojowald, Duncan Brown
2008-2009: Eric Poisson (Chair), Peter Shawhan, Frans Pretorius, Manuela Campanelli
2007-2008: Lee Lindblom (Chair), Peter Shawhan, Simonetta Frittelli, Don Marolf

Fellowship Committee

2019: Gabriela González (Chair), Don Marolf, Steven Liebling
2018: Nicolas Yunes (Chair), Neil Cornish, Thomas Baumgarte
2017: Gary Horowitz (Chair), Alan Weinstein, Bernard Whiting
2016: Emanuele Berti (Chair), Ted Jacobson, Shane Larson, Yanbei Chen
2015: Peter Shawhan (Chair), Manuela Campanelli, David Garfinkle
2014: Laura Cadonati (Chair), Frans Pretorius, Michael Zucker
2013: Deirdre Shoemaker (Chair), Eanna Flanagan, Norna Robertson
2012: Beverly Berger (Chair), Larry Ford, Pablo Laguna
2011: Daniel Holz (Chair), Jennie Traschen, Matt Visser
2010: Manuela Campanelli (Chair), Steve Carlip, Peter Saulson
2009: Patrick Brady (Chair), Abhay Ashtekar, Matthew Choptuik
2008: Steve Detweiler (Chair), Don Marolf, Eanna Flanagan
2007: Stan Whitcomb (Chair), Beverly Berger, Luis Lehner
2006: David Garfinkle (Chair), Lee Lindblom, Gary Horowitz

Nominees and award and office holders are expected to meet standards of professional conduct and integrity as described in the APS Ethics Guidelines. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from consideration or lead to revocation of honors or removal from office.