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Call for suggestions for GSNP officer candidates

By Thomas A Witten posted 11-14-2021 16:26

Dear Colleagues,  [this is the text of the email to GSNP membership Nov 11 2021]

The GSNP Nominating Committee is seeking your assistance in identifying a diverse slate of outstanding candidates to run for leadership positions within the GSNP Executive Committee.

Current positions open for nomination:
  • Vice Chair: will serve in four successive years as Vice Chair, Chair-Elect, Chair and Past Chair
  • Secretary/Treasurer: 3 year term, 4th year in advisory role
  • Two Members-at-Large, 3 year term
  • Two Student/Postdoc members, 2 year term
Elected candidates will begin their terms at the conclusion of the next March Meeting.
Current officers are listed on the GSNP website. Officer duties and responsibilities are described in the GSNP bylaws.

Deadline for nominations: Friday, November 26 2021 at midnight Eastern Time.
Nominations should be submitted using this submission form. Self-nominations are welcome.

The membership of APS is diverse and global, and the Executive Committees of APS Units should reflect that diversity so that all voices are involved and empowered to have an impact on our community. Nominations of members belonging to groups traditionally underrepresented in physics, such as women, LGBT+ scientists, scientists who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), disabled scientists, and scientists from outside the United States are especially encouraged. Students and early career members are also encouraged to participate in all unit leadership committees.

Thank you,

Mark Shattuck for the GSNP Nominating committee.

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01-13-2022 17:45

Thanks for your suggestions.  We now have a slate of candidates and GSNP members will receive a ballot soon.