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Hangout and network at the March meeting

By Thomas A Witten posted 03-12-2021 09:24

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The GSNP has arranged several Zoom rooms for conversation for March Meeting goers.  These are listed in your program by session number:
F83.Tuesday 11:30-1:00 CDT Interactive GSNP Networking I
M82. Wednesday 11:30-1:00 CDT  Interactive GSNP Networking II
P82. Wednesday  5:30-7:00 pm CDT Interactive GSNP Networking III
S83. Thursday 11:30-1:00 CDT  Interactive GSNP Networking IV
V83. Thursday 5:30 -7:00 CDT Interactive GSNP Networking V
Y81. Friday 11:30-1:00 CDT InteractiveGSNP Networking VI
Your moderator can tell you about becoming a GSNP member.

For a wider and wilder experience, check out the social space sponsored by GSNP, DBIO and DSOFT, open to non-meeting goers
Someone should be there
Sunday 2pm - 5pm CDT
Monday 9am- 5pm CDT
Tuesday 9AM-5pm CDT
Wednesday 2pm-5pm CDT
Thursday 2pm-5pm CDT