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Reminder to Nominate Yourself or Others for GERA ExComm

To nominate candidates for the five GERA Executive Committee positions (Vice Chair 2011, Secretary-Treasurer 2012, three Members-at-Large 2012) that GERA members will be voting to fill in the GERA March 2011 election: suggest names via email to Robert McGrath, Chair of the GERA Nominations Committee; include supportive remarks for each potential candidate you recommend; and, make sure that the candidates whom you nominate are current members of the APS and of GERA. REF: [4 Feb 2011 GERA email announcement].

GERA Past-Chair Alex King Sigma-Xi Lecturer at NRL

The GERA Past-Chair Dr. Alex King will speak about the prospects for researching our way out of the rare earths crisis, as guest Sigma Xi Lecturer at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) on 3 March 2011. Dr. King will describe the nature of the crisis and explain some of the complexity that derives from rare earths as opposed to other elements that might fall into short supply.

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GERA 2011 APS March Meeting Highlights

GERA is co-sponsoring 25 invited and contributed oral sessions at the 2011 APS March Meeting, with topics including: energy production, distribution, and storage; thermoelectric materials; photovoltaics; and the imperative of nuclear power.

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GERA 2011 April Meeting Highlights

The 2011 APS April Meeting will include two sessions that are sponsored by GERA: Energy Research and Applications, a contributed oral session on 30 April and an invited session on Alternative Fuels, on 1 May.

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Graduate Student Support to Attend USC-DOE Conference

 The USC-DOE Conference on Materials for Energy Applications Experiment - Modeling and Simulations, which invites simulation and experimental papers for oral and poster presentations, will provide $1000 support to up to 12 graduate student attendees. Apply for this support by 1 March by submitting a research abstract and thesis advisor letter of recommendation to Patricia Wong with email Subject: Grad Student Support and student name.

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To submit an announcement to the GERA newsletter, send your draft message to Joe PoonJill Dahlburg, and Julia Phillips. The preferred format for an announcement is Title, Brief Statement (no more than 2 sentences), Date, URL.

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