Spring 2016 Newsletter 

Volume XIII Number 2

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In This Issue 

  • Officers & Committees 2016-2017

From the March Meeting:

  • Session Report: “The Author in Dialogue: Steven Weinberg's To Explain the World”
  • Session Report: “Peer Review: History and Issues”
  • Session Report: “The History of Electrical Science”


  • Adventures with Alligators, Sharks and Dirac
  • George Gamow, Famous Russian-American Physicist, Honored by GWU, Scientific Diaspora and Diplomats in Washington

Book Reviews:

  • The Collapse of Western Civilization - A View From the Future
  • The Most Wanted Man in China, My Journey from Scientist to Enemy of the State

The articles in this issue represent the views of their authors and are not necessarily those of the Forum or APS.