GSCCM Early Career Symposium

August 3 - 4, 2021 • Virtual

On August 3-4, 2021 the APS Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (GSCCM) is hosting an Early Career Symposium. Although the speakers are all early career (students, postdocs, early staff), any member of the topical group is welcome to attend. Please join us to support the newest members of our topical group and learn about their exciting research.

The symposium will be held virtually over 2 partial days. While the event is free, we do ask that you register. After you have registered, you will receive the ZoomGov meeting information by email.

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Standard Time

GSCCM Early Career Symposium
August 3, 2021

9:00 AM Log on, setup, speaker ready room...
9:45 AM Introductory remarks
Presentation of Early Career Award, by Cindy Bolme
10:00 AM

Early Career Award Plenary Presentation
Travis J VolzLawrence Livermore National Libraries
Elastic moduli of shock-formed cubic diamond and hexagonal diamond

10:30 AM Patrick HeighwayUniversity of Oxford
Kinematics of slip-induced rotation during uniaxial compressions
10:45 AM Silvia PandolfiSLAC
Ultra-fast visualization of deformation mechanism for dynamically-compressed silicon
11:00 AM Kien Nguyen-CongUniversity of South Florida
Carbon at extreme conditions
11:15 AM Gaurav KumarUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Pathways for Vibrational Energy Up-pumping in Crystalline RDX
11:30 AM Reid GinozaApplied Research Associates, and University of West Florida
A spline Hugoniot model for LX-17 that ensures valid speed of sound
11:45 AM Lightning Talk
Zhiyu LiuUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Computational Study of Phonon Properties in Crystalline Cellulose lβ
12:00 PM 1 Hr Lunch Break
1:00 PM Allen GarciaUniversity of Maryland
Quantitative Properties Through Semantic Learning
1:15 PM Andrew BoddorffGeorgia Institute of Technology
Role of heterogeneous interfaces in the spall response of additively manufactured GRCop-84 and Inconel 625 bimetallics3
1:30 PM Michael PowellLos Alamos National Laboratory 
Understanding the anisotropic thermal conductivity of high explosives through impulsively stimulated thermal scattering
1:45 PM Dylan WaltersUniversity of Iowa
Learning rate-dependent plasticity models from atomistic simulations using Deep Neural Networks for improved meso-scale modeling of shock-induced void collapse of HMX 
2:00 PM Sangeeth BalakrishnanUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Ameliorating synthesis and scarce data challenges through joint embedding for high energy molecule generation 
2:15 PM Sungwoo JangGeorgia Institute of Technology
Monitoring shock compression response of heterogeneous materials using an optical microcavity sensor
2:30 PM Bryce ThurstonSandia National Laboratories 
Simulations of Shock-Induced Phase Transitions in CdS Nanoparticles 
2:45 PM Jesse Carter HearnCenter for Engineering Concepts Development at University of Maryland
Machine Learning of Energetic Binders
3:00 PM End Day 1


Standard Time

GSCCM Early Career Symposium
August 4, 2021

9:00 AM Log on, setup, speaker ready room...
9:45 AM Introductory remarks
10:00 AM Pinkesh MalhotraJohns Hopkins University
Dynamic Shearing Resistance of an Energetic Material Simulant: Sucrose
10:15 AM

Ashley WilliamsUniversity of South Florida
Alkali pentazolates as high-nitrogen energetic materials 

10:30 AM Shobhan RoyUniversity of Iowa
A study of shock initiation mechanisms and propagation of reaction in PBXs through interface-resolved reactive simulations
10:45 AM Prarthana ParepalliUniversity of Iowa
Effect of reaction models on meso-informed ignition and growth (MES-IG) predictions
11:00 AM Felipe GonzalezUniversity of Califronia, Berkeley
Shock Hugoniot curves and electronic properties of warm dense magnesium from ab initio simulations
11:15 AM Belinda Pacheco JohnsonUniversity of Illinois 
Tracking Hot Spot Behavior in a Model Plastic-Bonded Explosive 
11:30 AM Brenden HamiltonPurdue University 
Path-Dependent Mechanochemistry in Shock-Induced Hotspot Chemistry
11:45 AM Lightning Talk
Keara FrawleyGeorgia Institute of Technology
Orientation Dependence on Spall Strength of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
11:50 AM Lightning Talk
Connor O'RyanUniversity of Maryland
Automatic Knowledge Graph Generation from Text for Synthesis of Energetic Material 
12:00 PM 1 Hr Lunch Break
1:00 PM Keith JonesSandia National Laboratories 
Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Shock-Induced Chemistry in Phenolic Polymer
1:15 PM Elliot WainwrightUS Army Research Laboratory
Characterizing microsecond energy release of metal-based reactive materials using laser-induced shock waves
1:30 PM Jonathan WillmanUniversity of South Florida
Inelastic Response of Diamond to Shock Compressions
1:45 PM Deyan MihaylovLaboratories for Laser Energetics
Improved first-principles equation-of-state table of deuterium for high-energy-density science applications 
2:00 PM Panel discussion and open Q&A
Panel TBA
3:00 PM End Day 2

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