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SCCM 2021 (now 2022)

By Jennifer Lynn Jordan posted 01-26-2021 16:41

{This text was sent by email to the membership on 1/14.  Hopefully, we'll have additional news next week.}

Dear GSCCM Members and Conference Attendees,

Happy New Year! We know that everyone has been waiting for an update on the 2021 SCCM conference. We appreciate your patience as we figure out the best path forward for the Topical Group during this unprecedented time.

We are postponing the conference, probably until summer 2022. We are working with the APS Meetings team to determine the most effective way to make this happen, keeping in mind other meetings that are occurring in summer 2022. At this time, we don’t have specifics to provide you. We’re hoping to send a follow-up message to this mailing list in the next couple of weeks as we finalize plans.

With the conference postponement, the call for abstracts will be postponed as well, probably until January 2022.

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