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2021 Business Meeting Agenda

By J Matthew D Lane posted 03-13-2021 20:06

2021 GSCCM Business Meeting

You do not need to be registered or attending APS March Meeting to participate in this year's virtual business meeting via Zoom. Simply follow the link below.

Wednesday, March 17th at 6:00pm-7:00pm Central Time.

Contact Matt Lane ( for the Zoom link if you did not receive it via email.


1) Welcome (Oleynik)
2) Election Report (Lane)
3) Financial Report (Lane)
4) Update on SCCM-2022 conference (Jordan/Gleason)
5) Call for SCCM-2023 organizers (Ivan)
6) GSCCM Virtual Seminar (Lane/Vogler)
7) Membership stabilization & Fellowship (Lane/Borg/Oleynik)
8) Opportunities for growth of GSCCM membership (Oleynik)
9) Early Career and Student Engagement: Virtual 2021 Symposium and Early Career Award (Brown/Wixom/Moore/Bolme)
10) Operating Procedures Manual, and Volunteer solicitation (Lane)
11) Open Floor (all)