Prizes & Awards

FOEP Travel Award

The American Physical Society (APS) Forum on Outreach and Engaging the Public, or FOEP, recognizes that graduate students are some of our best science communicators. Any graduate student who will be presenting an abstract related to outreach or the engagement of the public is welcome to apply for our FOEP travel grant.  FOEP’s goal is to increase the public’s awareness of physics. Example of public engagement and outreach efforts include: blogging, multimedia, video, pop culture, popularizations, press relations, politics, “amateur” and distributed science, science cafes, and public shows and lectures.  

To increase student participation and involvement in activities essential to physics and the future of physics, physics communications, outreach, and hopefully engaging the public as well as APS as a whole, FOEP will sponsor up to twenty-five Student Travel Awards for the March or April Meeting.

The travel award will consist of $500 in travel assistance to attend the meeting. Only graduate students who are presenting at the APS meeting on topics related to FOEP’s goal are eligible for the travel grant. If you are eligible to apply for the student travel grant, complete the application form for the FOEP Student Travel Award and submit it before the extended deadline of February 16.

Note: Evaluation of the applications will be conducted by the FOEP Executive Committee. Conflict of interest situations will be handled in accordance with APS guidelines.