Presenter Instructions

65th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics 

October 30-November 3, 2023 • Denver, Colorado

Presenter Instructions

Meeting Format

The meeting will be held in person with all sessions being live streamed to a secure virtual platform which is linked to the mobile app. The DPP virtual experience will be a combination of live streamed, on-demand recordings and ePosters.  All presenters will have the ability to present in-person or remote, however in-person presenters will have a more robust conference experience. 

Important! To participate in the meeting, all presenters MUST confirm their participation and complete the Permission Agreement and Consent to Record forms. If you have not confirmed your participation, please click on the custom link in your author notice email sent on August 23, 2022. Confirmed Presenters should have received an auto-email with the subject line: “ACTION REQUIRED: DPP 2022 - Speaker Portal” giving them access to the required forms.

Session Presentations (Live Streamed)

  • DPP will live stream all sessions to a secure virtual platform.  
  • Recordings of these sessions will be available for on-demand viewing for three (3) months after the conference. If you select to not be recorded, your talk will be streamed and then your presentation will be edited from the session video.
  • Please complete all the forms sent to you in the speaker portal. You received a custom link in your author notice email.
  • All presenters are asked to create a speaker profile on the virtual platform/mobile app.  This will give attendees the opportunity to connect with you online and through the Meeting’s mobile app. It is a great way to meet new colleagues and rekindle friendships from previous years.
  • Here is a video to assist you in setting up your speaker profile and accessing the platform for a remote presentation.

    Instructions to Create Your Speaker Profile

    • Log in to the Bravura Speaker Console with your APS Credentials. You must be registered for the meeting and your email must match your abstract information.
    • In the upper left corner click My Profile.
    • Upload a profile picture and update any personal information you want to share.
    • Click Save

In-person Presenters 

  • Please bring your computer or thumb drive to the session room and present from the lectern at the front of the room. 
  • If using your own computer, you will need a HDMI port or HDMI adapter.
  • Please arrive to the session 10 minutes prior to your talk.
  • The room will be equipped with an LCD Projector, Screen, Microphone, PC Computer, HDMI Switch Box and Laser Pointer.
  • APS has some suggestions for a successful presentation on their website

Remote Presenters 

  • Log into the Bravura Speaker Console. (This link will also be sent via email a few days before the meeting.)
  • Click on the appropriate session then click Join Virtual Session. This will launch a Zoom room where you can present from your personal computer. Please arrive to the session 20 minutes prior to your talk.
  • Test your microphone, speakers and camera prior to your session.
  • Make sure your computer is plugged into power. Zoom can drain your computer battery quickly.
  • APS has some suggestions for a successful virtual presentation on their website.
  • Remote presenters can download this Zoom Background to use during their presentation.

Posters and ePosters

DPP organizers request ALL poster presenters–regardless of whether you are participating in-person or remotely– to create a presenter profile and upload a PDF of your poster (ePoster) and a 5 minute presentation to the virtual platform.  The deadline for ePosters and videos is October 12, 2022.  The link and instructions will be uploaded to the speaker portal, on this website and be sent to this email address once it is available. These posters will be available for online viewing until the platform closes on January 21, 2023.  

Each poster presentation session will be divided into two time slots.  The first 1.5 hours will be for in-person presentations in Spokane. Then after a 15 minute break, virtual presentations will be held online for the last hour and 15 minutes. In-person presenters can participate in both in-person and virtual presentations.  Please see the details below.

Speaker Profile and File Upload

  • By October 12, 2022 login to the Bravura Speaker Console with your APS Credentials. (You must be registered for the meeting to login. Not registering prior to the conference, may cause issues with your access upload by the deadline and participate in the presentations.)
  • Set up your meeting profile including photo and contact information. (Note, your email address will not be public.)
  • Upload any one-page ePoster and 5-minute video to your assigned presentation by October 12.
  • Here is a video that can guide you in setting up your profile and uploading your poster.

    On-site Presentations

    • All poster sessions will take place in Exhibit Hall A. Before affixing your poster to the poster board, be sure to check your poster board number in the Epitome. These are subject to change. 
    • Put your poster up in the specified location at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the session and stay with your poster during the entire session.
    • Take your poster (plus any personal items) with you at the conclusion of the session; posters that are not removed may be disposed of. APS is not responsible for the security of personal belongings.
    • Your poster must fit on the provided poster board–48” high x 96” wide (4’ high x 8’ wide). Push pins to affix your poster to the poster board will be provided. 

    Virtual Presentations

    • Upload a one-page PDF of your poster (ePoster) and an optional 5-minute video to the Speaker Console by October 12.
    • During the virtual presentation time, presenters will go to the online platform via their computer and enter the Poster Networking room in the schedule. Your name and presentation ID will be listed in the networking room description. (APS will send a link to all registered attendees with the virtual platform link a few days before the meeting.)
    • From there you will participate in an online session where you have five (5) minutes to present their poster and two (2) minutes for Q&A from attendees. 
    • We recommend sharing your ePoster from your computer during the presentation.

    Additional poster presentation resources are available online: 

    Tips for Designing a Poster Presentation

    Logistics for In-Person Poster Presenters

    Tips for Presenting a Scientific Poster