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DPP 2020 session chairs

By Michael R Brown posted 11-04-2020 16:53


Session chairs (or moderators) will access their session through the same portal as the speaker.  They should join the session about an hour before the session begins.  Session chairs can mute a speaker’s mic, and can turn off their camera.  Chairs cannot un-mute a mic, or turn on a camera.  There is a "host control panel" for session chairs, so they can see all the presenters in their session (both on-stage, and off-stage), and enable/disable Q&A, chats, etc.  Session chairs can engage speakers via audio and video before the session (length of talks, length of Q&A).  They will have a presenter chat to prepare the next speaker, and to give time cues to the on-stage presenter.  Only the session chair will see who is attending the session and can search for who might be attending.  This is a recording available for session chair (moderator) training.