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Show your support of the 2023 NSAC Long Range Plan

  • 1.  Show your support of the 2023 NSAC Long Range Plan

    Posted 11-13-2023 06:43

    Dear Colleagues:

    Since the release of the report detailing the 2023 NSAC Long Range Plan, the DNP Chair-line, with the help of others, prepared a letter to express our united and strong support for the 2023 LRP. The letter will be sent to the Energy Secretary of the Department of Energy, Jennifer Granholm; Director of the National Science Foundation, Sethuraman Panchanathan; and Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Shalanda D. Young.  

    With helpful feedback from several DNP members, the revised letter now includes 1) a more complete summary of the first recommendation that includes "raising graduate researcher compensation and expanding policy and resources for a safe and respectful environment for everyone", 2) an improved description of new nuclear science applications, and 3) adding the Director of the National Science Foundation as a recipient.

    The updated letter is posted here on this
    Google form.  If you haven't already signed it, please consider adding your name as an indication of your support for the plan before November 17, 2023.  The letter, along with the collected signatures, will then be sent to the recipients.  Please note, only the names of the signers and the state in which they reside will be transmitted to OMB. Your institution and your email will not be shared.

    If you have already signed the letter but have concerns regarding the new version, please email Haiyan Gao (haiyan.gao@duke.edu) and Ramona Vogt (rlvogt@lbl.gov).

    Thank you for your consideration and support for all of nuclear physics.


    Haiyan Gao, Chair
    Dean Lee, Chair-Elect
    Jim Napolitano, Vice Chair
    Vicki Greene, Past Chair
    Ramona Vogt, Secretary/Treasurer
    DNP Executive Committee members


    Gail Dodge