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information about town hall on nuclear structure, reactions and astrophysics

  • 1.  information about town hall on nuclear structure, reactions and astrophysics

    Posted 10-05-2022 23:24

    Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,


    We urge you to participate in the upcoming DNP Town Meeting on "Nuclear structure, Reactions, and Astrophysics" to be held on November 14-16, 2022, at Argonne National Laboratory (https://indico.phy.anl.gov/event/22/). To facilitate the planning, please register as soon as possible.

    Your input is needed to generate the new Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan. Therefore, we invite you to come to Argonne National Laboratory and participate in this vital community-wide activity.

    Presentations are planned on the first day, setting the stage for and inspiring the second day, which will provide, via working group sessions, a forum for anybody in the community to present their aspirations and ideas. The third (half) day will have working group summaries and a discussion of resolutions. Please see the Program for more details as they become available.

    The working groups at this town meeting will only include a limited number of invited presentations and have most of the time devoted to contributions from the community either through discussion or in the form of short presentations. We encourage you to contact the working group points of contact directly with requests for time for short presentations.


    The success of the meeting depends on the active participation of the broad community - either through presentations or discussions. Please do not hesitate to contact your working group points of contact with any suggestions or questions you might have.


    We very much hope to see you at Argonne National Laboratory in November,


    Alexandra Gade

    Grigory Rogachev

    Rebecca Surman

    Sofia Quaglioni