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  • Online Keystone Symposium on Covid entitled: "COVID-19: One Year Later" on Feb. 8-9, 2021 with Dr. Anthony Fauci as the keynote speaker. For more information: ...

  • happy new year, everybody.  the video for this is available here . ------------------------------ Greg Minshall Istanbul, Turkey ------------------------------

  • Hello everyone, Our next COVID webinar, and the last for this year, will be this Wednesday, Dec 16 2020 given by Dr. Ben Greenbaum from MSKCC. If you haven't, please register for the webinar here . This will be our last webinar for this year. We'll ...

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    Dear Friends, I read the following article social-distancing-isnt-enough- to-prevent-infection-how-to- detect-covid-19-super- spreaders/ regarding Corona Virus aerosol transmission. One aspect of COVID19 infection management ...

  • the video of Jimenez' talk is available at this link. ------------------------------ Greg Minshall Istanbul, Turkey ------------------------------

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  • January, 2021, webinar, plus news

    Hello, all, and welcome to the COVID Research and Resources Group (CRRG) on APS Engage.

    Our next webinar, "Physics of respiratory infections: do we understand it?", will be presented by Lidia Morawska, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, and moderated by Mark Jermy, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, on Wednesday, 27 January, at noon, US East Coast time (17:00 UTC). More information…

    CRRG is here to provide resources to help our members, and the broader community, gain an understanding of of Covid-19 with an eye to how the physics community can engage with open research questions. To help in that we organize a series of online webinars, provide a discussion forum, and have a library in which members can post resources (and/or links to resources).

    APS members will have received the most recent issue of the APS News, which included a short article about CRRG. Others may find the article of interest in introducing CRRG.

    “COVID [has] brought together people that didn’t interact before. What we hope is that there will be a long-lasting impact with new collaborations and new partnerships that will go far beyond COVID.” says [CRRG organizing committee chair Robert] Jeraj. “The community will continue [to focus] on medical and society related problems. By building this collaboration, we hope and anticipate that this will have reach well beyond the COVID-specific challenge.”

    In addition, the APS CRRG group has a youtube channel where videos of previous talks are available for viewing (typically, one week or so after the presentation).

    We invite you to participate and join our community.

  • CRRG Welcome & Survey


    Welcome to the COVID Research and Resources Group (CRRG) on APS Engage. 

    COVID-19 times are challenging, but also present a unique opportunity to connect physicists and other professional communities through COVID-related research and education efforts. In order to better serve the COVID research community within APS, the CRRG has been created to better understand the needs of the community and provide additional resources and support accordingly. 

    The CRRG will serve as a meeting and discussion hub for COVID-related activities within APS. Some of the anticipated activities will include COVID-related research webinars and events within focused interest groups (modeling, imaging, technologies, etc.) such as journal clubs, discussion forums, the formation of research consortia, and interactions with partner organizations, international societies, industry corporations, and news media.

    Please post to this community with what you would like to see and how we can make it most valuable for you! Please also take a moment to complete our survey if you haven’t done so already.

    If you would like to get actively involved, please email and we’ll connect with you to discuss how you can help.

    I look forward to meeting many of you!


    @Robert Jeraj

    (on behalf of the APS CRRG Organizing Committee)

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