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"Questions for Physicists" from Marc Lipsitch webinar

  • 1.  "Questions for Physicists" from Marc Lipsitch webinar

    Posted 09-25-2020 19:27
    During his webinar this week, Marc Lipsitch posed a few open questions for physicists in the study of COVID-19. He suggested the following areas where our expertise might be particularly useful. Do other people have thoughts on this list? Have you seen (or are you doing) any powerful physics pursuits in these areas thus far? Do you think any other areas or questions belong on this list?

    A few questions for physicists (areas our expertise could be useful):
    • Role of airborne transmission and ventilation
    • Biophysical mechanisms of seasonality
    • Better ways to account for uncertainty in data
    • Better understanding of the mapping of mobility to transmission
    • Structural biology etc
    **Marc also noted that in these pursuits, it is important to have collaboration with relevant epidemiologists/virologists/etc who understand the data very well

    Ali Deatsch
    Postdoctoral Research Associate
    University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Madison, WI