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CRRG updates and plans - 7/16/20

  • 1.  CRRG updates and plans - 7/16/20

    Topical Group Officer
    Posted 07-16-2020 19:31

    Dear CRRG community,

    I thought of providing a brief update of where we are and where we are going, and at the same time solicit additional ideas/comments/input. I'll highlight only a few of the top activities, but there is much more coming...

    CRRG survey: First, thanks everyone who filled out the CRRG survey! It has been incredibly helpful with lots of great ideas, but we still haven't heard from about half of you - if you haven't, please fill out the CRRG survey. It takes less than 5 minutes!

    From the initial results of the survey, it seems that about 50% of the CRRG members are actively pursuing COVID research! The strongest research (and also interest) appears in modeling of COVID transmission, aerosol physics, but also diagnostics, and various technologies! We and the rest of the CRRG community would love to hear about your research - please post what you do and what you are interested in!

    Thanks also everyone who indicated that you are willing to help with the CRRG community (about 2/3 of survey participants!) -  a number of volunteering opportunities will be announced soon!

    CRRG community: In the initial phase, while we are building the resources, we have limited CRRG community to the APS members. In the second phase, we will open it outside APS to the individuals (and group) that would be interested in our activities. We would appreciate your help spreading the word! In the third phase, we are planning to open it to other sister (international) organizations and communities that would be interested in joining the forces.

    CRRG webinars: We are planning to start regular CRRG research webinars (monthly, or even bi-weekly) in September. We would appreciate your help nominating potential speakers and topics (including yourselves!) If you have ideas, please add them to the CRRG webinar list.

    CRRG article review: We have linked with the JHU's 2019 Novel Coronavirus Research Compendium (NCRC) to help with the secondary review of articles (as you know there is a lot of questionable literature out there) that would benefit from physics critical review. We plan to expand that in the future to COVID-related physics papers to select the most impactful papers. If you are interested, or you know somebody who would be willing to participate in screening and critical review of COVID physics literature, please add to the CRRG article review list.

    CRRG webpage: We are building CRRG webpage, which will be the front page of the CRRG community and will supplement (and integrate) with the CRRG Engage forum. An important component of the CRRG webpage will be various resources of interest to physics community. If you are aware of physics-related COVID resources (not general COVID resources!), please add to the CRRG resources list.

    Thanks again for being part of the CRRG community and help it grow! Only with your help and engagement, we'll be able to achieve what we aim to! Therefore, do not be shy and post your thoughts, comments, ideas!


    Robert Jeraj
    University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Madison WI