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Introducing myself as new Lead Editor of PRE

  • 1.  Introducing myself as new Lead Editor of PRE

    Posted 01-27-2021 09:27
    Dear Colleagues in the APS COVID Research & Resources Group,

    I am writing to introduce myself as the new Lead Editor of Physical Review E ( to you, as certainly some of the top-quality research pursued to control the Covid-19 pandemic should fit well into PRE.

    I am honored and delighted to succeed Eli Ben-Naim in this important role. Physical Review E is of course a truly interdisciplinary journal whose profile extends well beyond the traditional physics realm to a broad research community in science and engineering. I view this unique setting of PRE within the family of our community-run APS journals as both an opportunity and challenge. Naturally, I will have to profoundly rely and draw on your expertise, excellence, and dedication, and I look forward to working with you over the coming years!

    PRE covers a huge range of topics, yet all address complex interacting many-body systems, typically subject to nonlinear, often stochastic collective dynamics, and usually (but not exclusively) in the classical realm, and whose analytical and/or numerical exploration tends to rely on statistical approaches. We invite the best topical manuscripts in these broad areas that advance the field and represent an authoritative and substantive addition to the body of literature by presenting important and novel physics. We expect papers published in PRE to make a significant contribution in a specific research area and generate interest for our readership, and to explore the addressed subject matter comprehensively and thoroughly.

    The quality of every journal of course crucially depends on the submissions it receives but also decisively on the quality of its referee pool. Please aid our fundamental mission to disseminate the best research by serving as diligent, conscientious, and timely reviewers, and by recruiting and training students and postdocs for our reviewer pool.

    We also rely very much on the amazing collective expertise among the APS units to help us stay up to date with our journal scope as, e.g., reflected in its section headings, and I generally would like to maintain an intense open discussion line with all of you to further improve our operations and service to the scientific community.

    Thus, please always feel free to contact me with any suggestions, ideas, concerns, or any other issues.

    With best wishes, Uwe

    Uwe C. Täuber (he/his/him)
    Dr. rer. nat., Professor
    Director, Center for Soft Matter and Biological Physics -
    Department of Physics, Virginia Tech -
    Faculty of Health Sciences, Virginia Tech -
    Lead Editor, Physical Review E -
    Vice President, Virginia Tech Chapter AAUP -
    Fellow, American Physical Society -
    Department of Physics (MC 0435), 109 Robeson Hall
    850 West Campus Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24061
    phone: ++1-540-231-8998, fax: ++1-540-231-7511, email: